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Species/What Are They:

Soul (Color):









Fighting Style:


Friends With:

Neutral With:

Enemies With:



Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who):


Personality Towards Humans:

Personality Towards Strangers:

Personality Towards Friends:








Eye Color:












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cullyjones Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I thought all monsters had grey souls?
ChrissyDrawsCZ Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Student Artist
Used :  UT oc :Artemis Ref Sheet again XDD (final for now) by ChrissyDrawsCZ
RINKUTHELITTEN Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  New Deviant Student General Artist
used it here is my undertale character ~BASIC INFO~

Name: Deruna




Species/What Are They:cat monster

Soul (Color):red determined



Atc: 45




Powers/Attacks:sword sequencing attacks

Weapons:2 very weak swords

Fighting Style:freestyle sword fighting


Friends With:no one

Neutral With:frisk chara

Enemies With:everyone else

Family:nameless father


Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who):single


Personality Towards Humans:hostile

Personality Towards Strangers:depends

Personality Towards Friends:can't say cause he does not have friends

Strengths:very smart

Weaknesses:too much of a jerk

Flaws:really rude





Eye Color:dark blue

Clothes:p (Lick)ink shirt and orange shorts

Hair:green fur

Other:huge scar in chest


Alignment:chaotic evil

Goals/Purpose:ban humans from the underground

Job:leader of the rose force the top secret group dedicated to banning humans from the underground

Items:too many books


Backstory:an experiment created by alphys for 1 reason to see if human hatred is needed results: none cause the experimental project was ended in favor of flowey
Dexter-the-skeleton Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017  Hobbyist Artist

Name:Dex Necro Cregular

Nickname(s):Dex, Scarf, SUBJECT_853



Species/What Are They:Human/n0m@1Y(a creature of 2 or more Species in his case Skeleton and human)

Soul (Color):???







Powers/Attacks:Portals, Infinity Bag, 4th wall breaks (can literally break the 4th wall and destroy you)

Weapons:any form of weapon from video games

Fighting Style:Defensive


Friends With:Napstablook, Chara, Papyrus, Roto(a green and yellow rotom)

Neutral With:Everyone who isn't listed in friends or enemies or family

Enemies With:Asriel(asriel hates Dex), Mettaton, burgerpants, Error Sans

Family:Dexter Cregular, Daxter Cregular

Crush(es):Chara(its why asriel hates Dex)

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who):Single (ladies ;) )


Personality Towards Humans:Neutral

Personality Towards Strangers:STRANGER MOFOIN DANGER


Strengths:Knows EVERYTHING about his opponent thanks to the 4th wall

Weaknesses:Knows TOO much


Likes:Pokemon,YuGiOh,Memes,Internet,HERE COME DAT BOI

Dislikes:The Dark side of the web

Fears:the Dark, heights, Spiders, UNFUNNY INTERNET COMICS


Eye Color: White as he has no eyes only this things sans and his brothers have

Clothes:Yellow Scarf, Green Jacket, Half Skull Mask

Hair:Brown Spiky

Skin:White(as in White man not white as in white)

Other:Robotic Left Arm



Goals/Purpose:To be the biggest memelord (and to finally get over his social anxiety)

Job:Youtuber (Game employee)

Items:Infinty bag


Backstory:Dex was born an n0mly and was thrown into the underground and he was found by Dexter and Daxter's Mother who took care of him and he snuck into the core and saw the void when Gaster fell in and Gained the ability to see past the 4th wall as does gaster

FootLoveMe Featured By Owner May 31, 2017

Name: Gloopmaggenon

Nickname(s): Gloopy

Gender: Boy


Species/What Are They: Cyborg Amalgamate

Soul (Color): Olive Green: Bashful

Sexuality: Ummmm 


Atc: ??? (SAVE THEM in Genocide)

Def: ??? (999999 in Genocide)

Exp: 80 (Giult in Genocide)

LV: 60 (YOU DONT DESERVE LOVE in Genocide)

Powers/Attacks: glue.mpg <Splatters of Green = HP+, White = Harm, Blue = Stay still, and Orange = Move> Hug <Top of attack box dissapears. Gloopmaggenon streches is arms out wide, and slime drips from his arm.>

Weapons: His arms, and his glue.

Fighting Style: Real close, to show some [MERCY]


Friends With: Snowy's mom "i love her cookies" Doggenstien "Baxter, hes fine!"

Neutral With: Other monsters " ive never seen a face like that in forever!"

Enemies With: Chara "Shes, ughh, HORIFYING" Lost Memories "they are very forgetful"


Crush(es): Isnt Crush A Soda?

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): pleas no


Personality Towards Humans: Hugs, and kisses (DONT GET ANY CLOSER, if genocide)

Personality Towards Strangers: Get them comfy!

Personality Towards Friends: GET THEM COMFIER!!!

Strengths: Slime, Any kind of liquid {including oil}

Weaknesses:bad memories, to much Borax, and a killer human

Flaws: uhh, i dunno

Likes: Slime, Any kind of liquid {including oil}

Dislikes:bad memories, to much Borax, and a killer human

Fears:bad memories, to much Borax, and a killer human


Eye Color: Only on red eye, on his robotic side

Clothes: none

Hair: none

Skin: white

Other: no mouth, no nose


Alignment: i dont know

Goals/Purpose: to break the barrier

Job: walk, i suppose

Items: None


Backstory: I was an amalgamate, just a vulcan with, that spoon guy, and bam, youve got me!
BonnieBomb Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Name: Twinite (Twi-night)

Nickname(s): Twilight, Twinight, Twilite-Sama

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Species/What Are They: Moonlit Deity

Soul (Color): Grey (Godlike Strength)

Sexuality: Male


Atc: 250 (666 in Genocide)

Def: 200 (666 in Genocide)

Exp: 0 (Infinity in Genocide)

LV: 1 (20 in Genocide)

Powers/Attacks: Darkness Beams, Scimitars, Hand-to-Hand

Weapons: Scimitars, Fists, Lunar Cannons

Fighting Style: Up Close and Personal


Friends With: Undyne, Asgore, Papyrus, Alphys

Neutral With: Sans, Toriel, Mettaton, Flowey

Enemies With: (Humans in Genocide)

Family: [REDACTED]

Crush(es): None, Nope, Never

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Neutral, although quite curious of Human strength (Absolute distaste in Genocide)

Personality Towards Strangers: Hangs back from a distance and gets to know them first.

Personality Towards Friends: Laid back, arrogant and proud, and extremely loyal and hardworking.

Strengths: Exceptionally Stronger than an average monster (His soul is about equal to 1.65 Human Souls), Dedication to Goals (Absolute Insanity)

Weaknesses: Proud and easily triggered, Quite cocky

Flaws: Cockiness, Self-Control

Likes: Sparring, Food, Literature

Dislikes: Puns, Evil, Injustice (Humanity)

Fears: Needles.


Eye Color: Deep Blue

Clothes: Black tank top with black leather jacket, jeans, and combat boots. Also wears pure black earrings. His battle armor is a skin-tight suit with a pure white Crest on it resembling the Angel of Death.

Hair: Long and flowing, but also spiky, like SSJ3 Goku.

Skin: Pure Black


Alignment: Neutral towards the war (But due to your actions, gains an absolute distaste for life)

Goals/Purpose: Beat Asgore in a Spar (DONE!)

[Eliminate this pitiful universe.]

Job: Sentry/Knight

Items: Always carries his Scimitars and spare Starfaits.


Backstory: [REDACTED]
Foxyna1 Featured By Owner Edited May 27, 2017  Hobbyist

Name: Ana Júlia

Nickname(s): Ju

Gender: Girl

Age: 14

Species/What Are They: Hybrid (Human and Monster) [I do ship Frans sorry]

Soul (Color):Integrity (Blue)

Sexuality: ???


Atc: 05

Def: 20

Exp: 0

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Blue magic

Weapons: Knife, GasterBlaster, Bones.

Fighting Style: Freestyle


Friends With: Everyone

Neutral With: Any stranger human

Enemies With: None 

Family: Sans, Frisk and her sister Bianca

Crush(es): Doesn't have one

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Always alert about their traits (only if the human can reset )

Personality Towards Strangers: Always alert

Personality Towards Friends: Some much protective
Strengths: IDK

Weaknesses: Her family and friends

Flaws: Too lazy

Likes: Ketchup, Chocolate, Cinnamon-Butterscotch Pie and more

Dislikes: Murders and Jerry

Fears: Resets, Genocide.


Eye Color: Eyes like Sans's eyes

Clothes: Striped skirt in black and white, turquoise coat, shorts and boots

Hair: Brown hair

Skin: White skin like snow

Other: Her left eye can glow in blue and her right eye become black


Alignment: ???

Goals/Purpose: Live in peace in ter surface with her family

Job: doesn't have

Items: heart locket ( gived by her mother (Frisk) to her )


Backstory: ???

(Please don't hate me because I like Frans (I see Frisk as a grow-up) and plz forgive my bad english I'm Brazilian)
PiggyGirl1 Featured By Owner May 27, 2017




Age: 16

Species/What Are They: Magic hooman

Soul (Color): Kindness

Sexuality: trains





LV: 3

Powers/Attacks: Going into the box, popcorn, banana, THE ABILITY TO SPRED FIRE EVERYWHERE

Weapons: banana, popcorn, magics

Fighting Style: Anything


Friends With: Her human friends, tem

Neutral With: Some monsters

Enemies With: Some monsters, muffet

Family: not in da underground

Crush(es): nope nope nope

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): singel 


Personality Towards Humans: if u dont have memes u die

Personality Towards Strangers: if u dont have memes your dead

Personality Towards Friends: hey normal seeelf


Weaknesses: derpy

Flaws: derpy, dosent know what chara is

Likes: Popcorn, memes, breaking the forth wall

Dislikes:Muffet, Bugs and insects



Eye Color: black/gray

Clothes: A black shirt that says "normal people scare me", black and purple pants, green soul locket, headphones

Hair: Purpel ponytail

Skin: Pale

Other:Her eyes can turn white when she activates her inferno (SET EVERYTHING ON FIRE) power


Alignment: popcorn


Job:throwing popcorn at pplz, making memes

Items:Popcorn, Banana, Headphones, green soul locket


Backstory:Mia and her friends where walkin around town and then mia throws a wrapper on the ground and her and her friends are throw into the underground because they littered. 

Name: Boanna

Nickname(s): Bo, Anne, Anna, Boa

Gender: Female

Age: 9

Species/What Are They: Boanny (Bat, Koala, Bunny

Soul (Color): Pastel Red (Compassion)

Sexuality: ???


Atk: 3

Def: 5

Exp: 0

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Fangs, Aiming Carrot Missiles, And Falling Branches. (Nature Powers)

Weapons: Leaf Wand

Fighting Style: Freestyle


Friends With: Almost everyone. Excluding Edgy/Scary peeps

Neutral With: Extreme People (Undyne, Royal Guard, etc.)

Enemies With: Chara

Family: Cute Koala Monster in Snowdin (I named her Susan)

Crush(es): "What's a crush?" ~Boanna

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Surprised, Shocked, Fascinated

Personality Towards Strangers: Kind, Compassionate, Curious

Personality Towards Friends: Excited, Kind, Compassionate

Strengths: Protective, Sacrificial

Weaknesses: Water (Not drinking water)

Flaws: Shy, Clumsy, Gets in trouble often

Likes: Cake, Chocolate, Susan (Mother), Toriel, Kind Monsters

Dislikes: Water, Disagreements, Hate

Fears: The Dark, Heights, Thunder, Lightning


Eye Color: Pink

Clothes: Devil Horn Headband, Scarf (Similar to the one the Koala Monster is wearing) Sleeveless Party Dress (Grey) And Ballet Shoes

Hair: Brown

Skin: White/Peach

Other: Has Brown Bat Wings, Fluffy Koala Ears, paired with Lop Bunny Ears, Eye Shape are hearts, Devil Horn Headband creates Pink Flames if hurt/angry/protecting.


Alignment: ???

Goals/Purpose: World Peace!!!

Job: Too Young.

Items: Carrot Wand, Cookie Shield


Backstory: Her parents, Susan (Koala) and Bryan (Bunny) were in an accident. A bat chemical got to Susan, thus, turning her baby (Boanna) 20% Bat. She was 40% Bunny, 40% Koala and 20% Bat. Her birthmark is in an area similar to a Panda's. (Around right eye) She made a friend named Scarlet (Another OC, don't mind it) and became best friends with her. She longed for a sibling, but her parents always said no. But she was happy

Honestly I paced on top of my bed until I got an idea. I hope you like it!!!
TheRealSonicTheFox Featured By Owner May 25, 2017

Name: Adrian dreemurr

Nickname(s): Adriel



Species/What Are They:goat

Soul (Color):green

Sexuality:let's just leave that blank (^_^)






Powers/Attacks:no powers, fires beams towards enemy if threatened

Weapons:Ray Gun

Fighting Style: fights only for self defense or for someone else he likes or loves


Friends With: Asriel, Asgore, Toriel
Monster kid

Neutral With: Any Human, other undertale characters

Enemies With:none (or so he says)

Family:doesn't remember, adopted by the dreemurr family, but treats them as friends


Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): none


Personality Towards Humans: neutral, depends on how the human treats others

Personality Towards Strangers: shy, scared

Personality Towards Friends: shy, caring

Strengths: although not really into fighting, his friends help him be safe


Flaws: cannot remember a lot of his past, he's left in the underground

Likes: the dreemurr family, jokes, the internet

Dislikes: lies

Fears: humans, strangers, monsters he doesn't know


Eye Color:green

Clothes: a plain green T-Shirt with an A in the center

Hair:none? (Unless you count the fur...)

Skin:white fur

Other:shorts and sometimes wears glasses




Items:empty gun, ray gun, heart locket


Backstory: Adrian was an average joe human teen who was in an entire different reality where undertale was only a game for entertainment, but flowey in a certain timeline took advantage of him, sucking him and a few of his friends into his world. There now turning them into his own characters, Adrian not remembering his human life was found by Asriel near the castle, surprised to see someone who looks awfully similar to him. He was cared and raised by Toriel and Asgore, although making Adrian a part of their family, he treats them as friends

Only thing human that's left was his Ray gun that was sucked in with him, his clothes and slight visions and dreams of his human life....

Name: Stroika

Nickname(s): Gorgo

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Species/What Are They: dinaurian

Soul (Color): black/dinaurian


Atc: [normal: 2] [form 1: 5] [form 2: 25] [form 3: 75]

Def: [normal: 10] [form 1: 25] [form 2: 50] [form 3: 225]

Exp: 0

LV: [normal: 1] [form 1: 2] [form 2: 4] [form 3: 25]

Powers/Attacks: transformation through forms, fire breath, sandstorms, tsunamis, smoke clouds, status effects
(poison, enrage, excite, confuse), lasers (form 3), hp steal (ally), and stat boost (only when lower than half health)

Weapons: paralysis gun

Fighting Style: uses transformations to gain hp through the battle due to weak defense. later uses form 2 and 3 for all
out pummeling style attacks, such as clawing the battle box, shooting lasers (out of mouth in 3rd form), and making tsunamis. transforming brings
their health up every time they use it, so be sure to use the frying pan to gain more health each turn.


Friends With: frisk, undyne, sans, papyrus, asgore, muffet, etc.

Neutral With: chara, dummy, toriel, alphys, mettaton, and all minor monsters

Enemies With: no one.

Family: none

Crush(es): none

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): single


Personality Towards Humans: (before pacifist) HATES them. (after) still feels a little suspicious
about them, but doesn't care too much.

Personality Towards Strangers: tad suspicious.

Personality Towards Friends: laid back, chill.

Strengths: feels no sympathy for you in genocide in the first place, which gives them a much stronger attack stat.

Weaknesses: has a very low defense stat in first form and as normal.

Flaws: cant control their sanity with form 2 and 3. gives allies lowered stats in 2nd form. gets hit more often in 2nd and 3rd form.

Fears: water, heights.


Eye Color: red

Hair: orange, spiky.

Skin: blue, red, and orange scales.

Other: has a tail, claws, sharp teeth.


Goals/Purpose: (genocide) to recreate the human race and manipulate their evolution.

Job: world-wide monitor of severe dangers.

Items: gigavolt gun, and regression ray.


   Once upon a time, there lived 3 races: humans, monsters, and dinaurians. the three races lived
peacefully. until the dinaurians made a mistake.
the dinaurians had started a project eons ago called "project ", which was their plan to make earth
their home only.
but their project failed, due to their careless position of the first ancestors: the ocean.
the organism died in the ocean. eventually the first homo sapiens developed, and the dinaurians believed they were
the ancestors of the time.
the dinaurians believed humans to be a mistake, a failure, a problem. they decided that the monsters were strong
enough to attack. they caused the war between the two races, and eventually the humans won. the dinaurians were furious
started to develop highly advanced technology they would eventually use to restart the whole human race. the dinaurians, however, became nearly extinct a few thousand years later. But only a few survived. 3/4 of the race lived in the ocean where they could properly use their transformation. the other one was stroika, the only land living dinaurian of the time.
the dinaurian found the barrier keeping the monsters underground and passed through it. the soul dinaurians were
given can blast, crunch, and eradicate any type of magic. Stroika walked through the throne room and found the hallway
leading to the coffins. he then waited there for asgore each day in case he killed a human. Stroika was the only one who
could properly handle a soul, and was the only one who asgore knew about.


Form 1 (example):…

Form 2 (example):…

Form 3 (example):…


Basic Form: Stroika's basic form is the casual dinaurian appearance to anyone else: a human-like dinosaur. In this form, Stroika has an outstanding speed stat, but a low defense stat. Stroika has an average attack stat, and great accuracy with each shot. the easiest way to fight him is to watch closely, be on your toes, and find any open chance to strike.

Battle Form 1: Stroika's 1st battle form is a dangerous opponent. along with an incredible speed and attack stat, they have dangerously high support effects, which gives an attack boost of 99% of the original stat. Stroika's battle form 1 is a force to be reckoned with, so either bring stroika to the front, or defeat them faster.

Battle Form 2: Stroika's 2nd battle form is a dangerous offense player. with the ability to cause a tsunami, Stroika can deal damage with a double or triple attack. and make sure you have enough recovering items, because they have a very high poisoning chance. an easy way to hurt an opponent with stroika on the team is to put them with support, due to a whopping 50% stat lower to Stroika's own team.

Battle Form 3: Stroika's 3rd battle form is a force to be reckoned with. Stroika will only use this in desperate measures. This dangerous monster has a severe attack stat of 99, a rock hard defense of 65, on point accuracy of 83, and a lightning fast speed of 60. Stroika will easily knock any opponent within its range. make sure you stay far away from these jaws of terror, because attacking from the back can make it harder for stroika to hit you. stroika does not have any status effects, but can always defeat an opponent with one hit due to their attack boosting charge move. make sure you can get this beast as far away as you can at all times, or you may end up more than hurt
dbzgirl9 Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Student Artist
Name: Chiru

Nickname(s): Ruru or Frosty

Gender: Female

Age: ?

Species/What Are They: Skeleton

Soul (Color): A blue with dark purple outlines and swirls

Sexuality: Bi


Atc: 36

Def: 13

Exp: 2500

LV: 14

Powers/Attacks: Blue magic and water elements

Weapons: Icy bone like spears, water whips, steam clouds.

Fighting Style: distant fighter


Friends With: Thomas(her cat) Sans, Toriel, Alphys, Asriel, and Papyrus

Neutral With: Mettaton, Undyne, Grillby, Frisk, RiverPerson, Temmie, and MK

Enemies With: Chara, and Flowey

Family: Has none but considers the skelebros family and her closest friends.

Crush(es): Sans

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who):


Personality Towards Humans: Hatred and fear

Personality Towards Strangers: Cautious and cold

Personality Towards Friends: loving and protective also goofy

Strengths: Water and bravery

Weaknesses: Fire and silver weapons or deadly magic.

Flaws: Can be heartless and angered easily

Likes: Cold weather, forests, outside, cinnabuns with tea/cocoa, cats, anime, drawing, music, snow, water, and magic skills.

Dislikes: Resets, Dogs, the color pink, Cat puns, death of monsters, Fire, and Mettaton's show.

Fears: losing control, killing friends, and bees


Eye Color: icy blue

Clothes: Crimson hoodie/jacket with a brown-orange fur collar, grey sweatpants, a white t-shirt or chibi cat t-shirt, and brown snug boots with fur pom poms and liner.

Hair: none

Skin: none

Other: Has a sharp canine(tooth)


Alignment: Loner

Goals/Purpose: To free the monsters and be strong and prove to others she is worthy.

Job: A cook at Grillbys

Items: A satchel


Backstory: Chiru was made years ago by human scientists and they injected her with a ancient relic that they made into gel giving her monster magic and a draconic demon spirit. She was named experiment C0001 and she was made to spy upon monsters and retrieve information also to wipe them off. Queen Toriel hated to see such a young monster be pushed and made to do these horrible things so she ridden the memories of the child and she became hers....Years later the monsters lost the war and were trapped under ground in Mt. Ebott. Chiru had hatred for humans but she can't remember why so she lived a happy life with Toriel til one day she snapped. She and Toriel had a argument of visiting the outside and she said she didn't want other monsters to know her power/magic. Chiru used her magic on Toriel throwing her into the walls. She had icyblue slits with a cold silvery blue mist escaping her teeth and some seeping from her eye sockets. As she saw Toriel hurt she froze in her spot thinking what have i done. So on that night Chiru ran into the forests and never returned to Toriel. She was alone and had no home but the forests...She spotted a cave and made a den there and she also found a lone kitten. He was white and grey with beautiful icy blue eyes like hers... Soon more years have passed and as time went on she met two skeleton boys and they were named Sans and Papyrus and they quickly became friends. But she didn't know a human would be arriving into the forests till many months later. Frisk was new to her and she never seen a human before so she decided to be calm and nice to them. It worked and time went on and she got used to the resets but when she saw the genoside run her life became a living hell watching all her friends die and dust on the ground with splotches of crimson dying the snow. She saw a horrible sight a crying Sans holding what used to be his brother was now dust...ash left in the snow to soak.....Chiru was frozen in her spot fear of her other friends dying and who she considered a mother...Toriel. She knew it was to late. Luminscent blue tears fell onto the snow and some sliding down her cheek bones to her chin. She hated who ever did this and she snapped and went after the one who killed them. She later on got to fight the demon killing them over and over was amazing to her but she was only full of blood lust and rage. Once they battled again the demon took a different approach and stabbed the unspecting skeleton's back making her fall into the snow and slowly fade away....But she soon woke up on her bed knowing the demon won and reset. Here we go into another day of reseting....
EternalxWater Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist

Name: Anya

Nickname(s): Anny (Uhn-e)

Gender: Female

Age: 14/16 (between those two o-o)

Species/What Are They: Half human; half skeleton

Soul (Color): (because they are half human and monster)  A light teal

Sexuality: Straight


Atc: 30

Def: 40

Exp: 0

LV: 0

Powers/Attacks: Doesn't like to use powers. Unknown

Weapons: At times a scythe, sword, or guns.

Fighting Style: is flexible.(if she could. She could be a dang gymnast.) likes to flip, dodge, and is able to pin point a blind spot


Friends With: sans (if AU, Undefell Sans. In UT, she's a loner)

Neutral With: Asgore

Enemies With: no one. :P


Crush(es): No one really

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Out of 1-10: 8

Personality Towards Strangers: 1 out of 10: 6

Personality Towards Friends: 1 out of 10: 7-9 (If she can trust them (which is rare) It would be higher. Its difficult for her to trust you)

Strengths: loneliness, gymnastics, love, determination, Freedom

Weaknesses:  Always surrounded, inclosed spaces, hatred, fear, 

Flaws: Cant swim well even though can hold breath for a long time,

Likes: Dogs?, Sewing, investigating, doing cartwheels (CAUSE SHE CAN) art.

Dislikes: THOSE DANG TEMMIES. Toby fox (jk) Doesn't really have dislikes

Fears: Darkness, no light in the underground, death, no creativity.


Eye Color: Human eye: Blueish green; Skeleton eye: A Red raspberry color

Clothes: A grey green sweatshirt, dark red jacker, blue/brown pants, and tan boots.

Hair: Redish brown (more brown)

Skin: light

Other:  Has a skeleton hand, half of her face is skeleton, hides neck by the sweater collar


Alignment: Good side. Would want to be part of the royal guard but NOPE

Goals/Purpose: Doesn't believe she has a purpose. Just, likes to hang out in waterfall and snowdin.


Items: cyan Scythe, food, A piece of butterscotch cinnamon pie.


Backstory: Anya's parents were both skeletons. How is she part human? Well when one fell into the underground her father had been effected by their magic. Due do him almost dying, Gaster (before he fell into the void) was willing to help. When Anya was born she was basically almost human, just with a bit of skeleton, the impact had been that bad on her father. By the time they had died, Anya felt so much grief, especially as a child. She was only 4 when her parents died. She had sworn to kill only if harm came her way. She became more monster every year.
                  When she went to elementary school, she was picked on for being half part of their enemy. She would have to be put in special classes.. When she went to go home, a few bullies came her way and pushed her into a steep river. She had passed out, but due to her being able to breathe for long periods of time, she went down the river's current without drowning. The bullies were in trouble. Her skull on her skeleton side of her head became fragile
                  two years later, the same incident happened, except that they pushed her onto the ground. her skull was broken right above her eye.  Gaster, far away while taking sans home from school, heard and told Sans to go the rest of his way home. Gaster had taken her to his lab and soon was able to fix her. It still scars her.  
                  She always talked to sans. When Sans explained to her about the timelines, she understood and could then remember them, but likes to trick fallen children that she couldn't remember things she had already done. Normally now she would work for Papyrus but doesn't do it as often. Anya likes to train other monsters. Monsters that is wanting to become the royal guard. Asgore gave her this job, she rarely does it. She now resides in waterfall playing with the Echo Flowers trying to figure out who was there before her. She doesn't speak to those, but has serious pep talks with fallen humans. She wants to go to the surface, yet worried that the light will go away from the world she lived in, and will reset if she ever does make it, residing her happy ending.

Note: If in genocide run, Anya will have a 5-7 minute talk about the bad decisions and will talk about Chara but not saying their name. Such as "There is something inside you. I can tell. A long ago child that fell. A murderous child that died. It was full of grief yet happiness.... You don't understand. Do you? Of course you don't. Cause you are the child... Listen,...demon. Convince them enough and you will have your end... don't convince them. Because.... Since when were you the one in control?"

RiruYukari Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Student Artist

Name: Hellen

Nickname(s): Elly

Gender: female

Age: seven

Species/What Are They: human

Soul (Color): green

Sexuality: uuuuuuuuuummmmmmm


Act: stuff

Def: meh

LV: let's start at a level zero

Powers/Attacks: hits people with pillows

Weapons: pillows filled with concrete :)

Fighting Style: to FIGHT


Friends With: anyone who is willing to be friends with her

Neutral With: strangers

Enemies With: she thinks no one deserves to have an enemy 

Family: unknown

Crush: none

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): none of the above


Personality Towards Humans: kind

Personality Towards Strangers: kind but cautious

Personality Towards Friends: kind

Strengths: mercy mercy mercy mercy mercy

Weaknesses: threatening

Flaws:is a little too nice

Likes: nature and people

Dislikes: poaching and haters (lol. Haters gonna hate) 

Fears: knives


Eye Color: blue

Clothes: short sleeve green shirt with hearts, blue shirt skirt, sandals

Hair: blonde in pigtails

Skin: tan

Other: other stuff


Alignment: ?

Goals/Purpose: restore peace...?


Items: clover

She was going on a nice old vacation with her family on da mountain. She saw a four leaf clover on the ground so she went to pick it up. When she turned around everyone was gone. So she went out looking for them with that clover in her pocket. But she disappeared and found herself in the underground. She realized that there was so much chaos there so she had tried to fix it. But she had still wanted to see her family ever so much more than she wanted anything...
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Jokerman Bio:

Name: Jokerman

Nickname(s): Jokes, Joker, Big Cat

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Species/What Are They: Skeleton

Soul (Color): Red (Determination)

Sexuality: dunno


Atc: 16

Def: 15

Exp: 0

LV: 9

Powers/Attacks: Bones, lemons, bullets

Weapons: Wiimote

Fighting Style: Blue Soul


Friends With: Fixedsys, Sans, Papyrus

Neutral With: Frisk, Undyne, Alphys

Enemies With: Flowey, Chara

Family: Century (mom), Lucida (dad)

Crush(es): Pristina

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Taken, Pristina


Personality Towards Humans: Daring

Personality Towards Strangers: Scary

Personality Towards Friends: Friendly, Daring, Immature

Strengths: Water

Weaknesses: Hot Area

Flaws: Daring personality, short fuse

Likes: Video games, puns, friends, Sans, Papyrus, Humans, Winning

Dislikes: Losing a game

Fears: Losing a human, losing Fixedsys


Eye Color: white. when angry: pink

Clothes: hello kitty shirt and yellow pants with pink hearts

Hair: none

Skin: none, is a skeleton



Goals/Purpose: Finding a human to play games with

Job: Animator for MTT

Items: Spider Donut, Nice Cream, Sea Tea, Glamburger

and here's Fixedsys' bio:


Name: Fixedsys

Nickname(s): Fixs, Fixy, Fixity, Fix-it

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Species/What Are They:

Soul (Color): Blue (Patience)

Sexuality: dunno


Atc: 19

Def: 6

Exp: 1

LV: 2

Powers/Attacks: Bones, music notes and stars of david

Weapons: none

Fighting Style: Purple Soul


Friends With: Jokerman, Sans, Papyrus

Neutral With: Frisk, Alphys, Asriel

Enemies With: Frisk, Chara, Mettaton (jealous, maybe?)

Family: Small Fonts (mom) Calibri (dad) Script (grandmother)

Crush(es): Kristen

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Calm, Immature

Personality Towards Strangers: Immature, Insane

Personality Towards Friends: Calm, Funny, Immature

Strengths: Magic, Fire

Weaknesses: Water

Flaws: Singing, immature personality

Likes: Humans, video games, puns, friends, Sans, Papyrus

Dislikes: Large Areas of Water

Fears: Sharks


Eye Color: white. when angry: blue

Clothes: blue MTT shirt, sparkly pants

Hair: none

Skin: none, is a skeleton

Other: has hole on left side of cheek, squiggle shaped hole above right eye



Goals/Purpose: none

Job: Musician, Singer

Items: Nice Cream, Cinnamon Bunny, Cinnamon Butterscotch Pie
AcaciaTreeHugger Featured By Owner May 27, 2017
Maybe add a Backstory? That gives your character more, well, character! Please note I am not hating :3
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Name: DonutX

Nickname(s): DonutX

Gender: Male

Age: 17
Species/What Are They: A human

Soul (Color): Teal 

Soul Trait: Agility (Your soul will move slightly faster)

Sexuality: Straight (But never loved)


Atk: Average

Def: Average

Exp: 0

LV: 1 

Powers/Attacks: Hyperspatial Rift, Electricity, Universal Flare (I couldn't think of anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Weapons: M4A1, Brass Knuckles, Torn Notebook when those weapons were lost in Waterfall, but has not used it until Asgore. (And the military weapons are with permit and no, I do not have them in real life (OBVIOUSLY))

Fighting Style: Ranged Sharpshooter.


Friends With: Family, monsters, and friends

Neutral With: Strangers

Enemies With: Terrorists, and those who try to make a joke out of him

Crush(es): Nobody 

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): 


Personality Towards Humans: Normal 

Personality Towards Strangers: Suspicious

Personality Towards Friends: Happy

Strengths: Swift, Agile, Lucky, Charismatic and Intellect

Weaknesses: Impulsive, Easy to anger (depends on the scenario), Anxious, and Depressed

Flaws: Mathematics, and Fighting

Loves: Candy, Gifts, Peace, Freedom, and most things that are valuable.

Likes: Rocks and minerals, precious metals, relics, technology, architecture, and science

Dislikes: Math, Opponents (not opinion related but when someone is in their way), and death

Hates: Trash, Enemies, Pain, Bad Luck, and Stereotypes

Fears: Any toxin (Example: Poison, Venom, etc.), Snakes, Spiders, Bats, Sharks, you name it


Eye Color: Green

Clothes: Black Jacket

Hair: Dark Yellow

Skin: Tan

Other: Black Vans


Alignment: I do not know what this means

Goals/Purpose: To bring peace to humanity, and to stop all war. 

Job: (Depends. Moneywise, nothing. But if you are talking about what "My own so called OC" then that would be surfing the web like any other human being these days, but my OC is also social, and likes athletics, and getting creative.)

Items: Ammo (5.56 x 45mm NATO) 3 Nice Creams, 1 Face Steak, 1 Glamburger, 1 Starfait, and 1 Legendary Hero.


Backstory: This is just your average human who lives life. Experiencing challenges, Getting through them, Getting a proper education, Getting a job, and whatnot. But this character has been wanting to join the military to fight other nations in war. So he wants to apply, and works to fight other nations. Now he does not have any intention to kill people with no reason at all causing a killing spree everywhere he goes. No, they just try to fight the nation to bring peace back into the countries (no specific country). But the only thing is that since they are only 1 single year under 18, they cannot join. But his father has given them an M4A1 Carbine to fight anyone who tries to kill him or their family in self defense. But they cannot EVER show it to the public unless it was a dire situation. But before they fell into the underground with nothing but that carbine, it was a dire situation. There were fighters in the town destroying everything in their path. Luckily, nobody was hurt in his family except for those who were near the terrorists. So for a resting spot for safety, he hid in a cave for safety reasons. The next morning with more chaos going on, he went to explore more of the cave and slipped and dropped this carbine into the underground. Due to him being foolish, he fell into that very same hole, and fell into the underground (instead of Frisk in this world, it would be him, the OC). Unfortunately, the carbine had no ammunition, so that means that he would have nothing to fight with. But with determination, and agility, he made it to the very end and survived. Also, when he made it back to the surface, there was no more war, and the terrorist's weapons were confiscated and they would be imprisoned for life.

NOTES: I refer myself as "he" otherwise it would be weird if I always used "ME" or "I".
The reason I put myself into it is because I couldn't really think of anything so I decided, you know what? Why not use myself?
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Name: Slider

Nickname(s): Dr.Slider, Professor Slider, The Man with One Eye

Gender: Male

Age: Old. About on par with Toriel and Asgore

Species/What Are They: Monster/Skeleton

Soul (Color): Grey. Attack Color: Red

Sexuality: Straight


Atc: 90

Def: 90

Exp: Max

LV: 19

Powers/Attacks: Large explosions, tentacles to slow movement, mist to obscure attacks, Gaster-Blasters for primary attack. Perfect Memory

Weapons: Bombs, Explosives, Mist, Tentacles, Gaster-Blasters

Fighting Style: Bombs on their own, followed up with a combination of Mist and Tentacles to hold down or obscure the opponent's soul while being fired on with Gaster Blasters.


Friends With: Gaster, Alphys, Asgore Frisk

Neutral With: Chara, Papyrus, Mettaton, Muffet

Enemies With: Toriel, Sans, Undyne, Flowey

Family: Impact (Younger Brother, Royal Guard)

Crush(es): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Strained at best. Sees them as a source of power and little else with the exception of Frisk

Personality Towards Strangers: Suspicious, bordering on hostile. Somewhat paranoid and keeps a close eye on them.

Personality Towards Friends: More relaxed, smiles a bit, though not often. Very protective and loyal, though not blind.

Strengths: His powers are huge, take up a lot of space and deal a lot of damage. What lacks in speed, he makes up for in sheer fire-power. Random.

Weaknesses: Though his attacks are powerful, they are slow and easy to read if one pays attention despite their random nature.

Flaws: Is an insomniac, though this leaves him more wired and twitchy than tired. Is extremely paranoid, cold and hostile to most.

Likes: His work, studying the soul, discussing his data, spending his freetime with Frisk, Apple-tarts, smoking.

Dislikes: Interruptions, AU's, his Perfect memory, Sans as a person, Resets, battles.

Fears: Insanity, permanent death, failure.


Eye Color: White (typically in his socket) Red (in combat)

Clothes: A Dusty white lab coat over a plaid dress-shirt and black dress pants and shoes, an eyepatch over his left eye with immense cracking around the socket. Around his neck rests a magic stethoscope, used to determine damage to the soul.
Hair: N/A (skeleton)

Skin: N/A (Skeleton) White. Dusty.

Other: Eye jolts and shifts almost like static when glowing red. His left arm is severed at the elbow so the sleeve of his lab-jacket is tied of with a tourniquet there, the excess stuffed inside.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Goals/Purpose: to unlock the secrets of the soul, monster or human.

Job: Scientist, Once Royal, now freelance.

Items: Dusted Eyepatch: Slightly raises defense and raises attack. Worn by Dr. Slider. No matter how hard you scrub, the dust never comes off

Old Stethoscope: Raises defense sharply, lowers HP by 1 point every turn. Slider put everything he had into learning more about the soul. You feel oddly... uneasy the more you look at it.


Backstory: In the multiverse, Sliders were few and far between, most of which were either destroyed by !ERROR! Sans or other causes within their multiverse but the first Slider still exists and this is his backstory: Slider was a medical doctor during the Human/Monster war. A field medic to be perfectly precise. His healing talents were second to none and were to none, except maybe his bedside manner... At least, that was until the humans attacked his camp... The humans began slaying wounded monsters left and right and Slider tried to stop them non-lethally, pleading with them, trying to hold them back and he got a mace to the eye for his trouble. Whether it was the pain or the crushing of one of his 2 glowing eyes that drove him mad, one couldn't say but now Slider didn't want to let these humans go anymore... Quickly, brutally, he killed the humans that invaded his camp, his LV rising drastically as a result... Subtly, his mind began to warp, his healing became less and less frequent and he began asking for battle assignments instead... and he got them. However, things were much more difficult on the front lines and instead of killing those who took his eye, he lost an arm instead. It wasn't long after this great battle was fought were the monsters bottled up underground including Slider, wounded and already dusting. Due to his sheer willpower, he was able to resist the effect though it came at a cost: Any reminiscence of his humanity was lost... replaced by determination. And so, Slider locked himself away in his lab in Waterfall, taking unwary monsters dumb enough to wander close into his lab to crack open their souls and suck out what made them to be. They say that what's inside is nothing but dust.

Pacifist: Through Frisk's determination, they manage to outlast Slider's onslaught after he sucks them into the lab. As the skeleton kneels, tired, the fallen child offers the skeleton a hand, one he rejects before disappearing. He's seen frequently throughout the game, watching the human, though it's mostly his silhouette that can be seen with his red eye glowing. He confronts Frisk outside the Corridor before they get judged by Sans, challenging them to a fight though its nowhere as difficult as the first. Throughout the battle, Slider threatens that he will take their soul, that he needs to to complete his research but nearing the end, he starts to plead with them, before the fight suddenly ends and he runs off. Slider joins the rest of the monsters in the underground when Papyrus calls them up and Slider reveals that he had their phones tapped. Like the rest of them, the skeleton is absorbed inside flowey to from Asriel Dreemurr, and is saved by using the *Offer Soul* and *Practice Science* Commands under ACT to which, Slider will respond: "Frisk... I can't hurt you..."

His life on the surface was rough, coping with his increasing paranoia and sudden claustrophobia. He was unable to get a job as a result and spent days on end looking over the world atop that spot on Mount Ebbot where the monsters first emerged. Frisk one day follows and the two sit together alone... this happens the next day... and the next... and not long after Sans joins them... And over time, everyone else did too... And Slider was happy. Until one day, when Frisk and the others climbed mount Ebott to sit with Slider, they found he was not there... Only his eye-patch and Stethoscope left behind.

Neutral: (so many endings so covering only one), Silder is mentioned by Sans at the end, commenting how he doesn't seem the same without Frisk around. While he IS more present, he's often gloomy, more quiet than usual and a heavy presence ways about him... A sheer amount of loneliness that seems to magnify the more people surround him and attempt to comfort.

Genocide: Slider confronts Frisk/Chara after their fight with Undyne the Undying and is instantly one-shot but not before Slider gets in the first attack, an attack that brought them down to 1 HP. Slider comments how he knew this would happen, how this is how it always goes, how much of an idiot Sans was to never work with him. Slider mentions what a fool Frisk/Chara are for going this route because they would never survive the end of the world. Sparing Slider here results in him dying regardless.
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Name: Ida

Nickname(s): Ida

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Species/What Are They: Human

Soul (Color): Red (determination)

Sexuality: Bisexual


Atc: 12 (pacifist)
23 (neutral)
34 (genocide)

Def: 23

Exp: 23

LV: 1 (pacifist)
17 (neutral)
20 (genocide)

Powers/Attacks: human

Weapons: Worn Dagger

Fighting Style: If you get hit, then you get hit and continue on. Have mercy if possible


Friends With: Frisk

Neutral With: Toriel

Enemies With: Chara

Family: -

Crush(es): -

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Kind, outgoing, being human after all

Personality Towards Strangers: Asks them questions, is careful

Personality Towards Friends: Trusts them.

Strengths: -

Weaknesses: -

Flaws: She's talkative which can be annoying

Likes: Mercy, friendship

Dislikes: Murders, hate

Fears: Spiders


Eye Color: Blue

Clothes: A purple and black sweater, shorts, socks, sneakers

Hair: Brown, wavy and thick

Skin: Fair

Other: N/A


Alignment: ??

Goals/Purpose: To make lots of friends

Job: -

Items: Worn dagger, cloudy glasses, memories of her past life.


Backstory: She fell down to the underground shortly after Frisk did (let's assume Frisk didn't kill anyone in this). She had the choice of Pacifist, Neutral or Genocide. She chose Neutral. She killed almost everyone, sparing only Papyrus, Muffet and Mettaton. She felt guilty after killing them. She decided to reset. She decided to do pacifist. Someone (Frisk) reset the world. She somehow started to feel guilty of doing pacifist. She decided to do genocide. Suddenly she noticed someone (Frisk, again). She went to talk to them in order to challenge them to a fight. The person reset the world. Ida now lives in a small house in Waterfall.
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Name: Scarlet

Nickname(s): Scar

Gender: Female

Age: 8

Species/What Are They: Doll

Soul (Color): Magenta (Forgiveness)

Sexuality: IDK. She's too innocenta


Atc: 5

Def: 20

Exp: 0

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Ribbons :PP

Weapons: Ribbon bow and arrows

Fighting Style: ???


Friends With: Stitchie

Neutral With: No one

Enemies With: Chara

Family: ???

Crush(es): ???

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Shy

Personality Towards Strangers: Shy

Personality Towards Friends: Happy

Strengths: Motivational

Weaknesses: Social Awkwardness

Flaws: Really Shy, Makes a Lot of Mistakes

Dislikes: Being Around Others

Fears: Same as Dislikes


Eye Color: Magenta

Clothes: A Light Blue Sweater, Pink Jacket with Kitty Hood

Hair: Magenta

Skin: Light Blue

Other: A Magenta Scarf That Acts Like a Secondary Pair of Arms, Blue Cup with White Polka Dots Glued to Finger


Alignment: ???

Goals/Purpose: ???

Job: ???

Items: Ribbon Bow and Arrow, Picture of Her and Stitchie


Backstory: ???
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Name: Tsunomonashi

Nickname(s): Tsunami, Tsu

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Species/What Are They: Five Monster souls/Perseverance soul

Soul (Color): Grey/Purple

Sexuality: Bisexual


Atc: 47

Def: 20

Exp: 1

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Glowing Leaf

Weapons: A glowing leaf on the tip of her antlers is her only defense

Fighting Style: musical and fun


Friends With: Papyrus, Mettaton, Sans, (considerably)Flowey, Frisk, Napstablook

Neutral With: Basically everyone else

Enemies With: Alphys

Family: Papyrus, Sans (adopted by)

Crush(es): (strangely) Flowey's Asriel side

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): none


Personality Towards Humans: Eager, hyper, curious, rash, tries to be cool, braggy

Personality Towards Strangers: Generally nervous, makes fool of herself

Personality Towards Friends: Fun, adventurous, daring, up beat

Strengths: Very smart, logical, decently pretty, fun to be around

Weaknesses: Hasty, too curious, light headed, makes lots of mistakes, gullible if it's what she wants, scared of death or causing it

Flaws: Can be really creepy, has mood swings, can be overly obsessive

Likes: Scented candles, drawing, lemon flavored sweets, fluorescent orange, squids, popcorn

Dislikes: Death, pessimism, too much rainbow, maroon, fog, dark hallways, existing

Fears: Death, causing death, (don't ask why) cursive writing


Eye Color: Yellow

Clothes: Ruins Symbol Dress (like Toriel's), ripped stockings, cracked heart locket (one side grey, one purple), no shoes

Hair: Deep Dark Purple, left side longer than other

Skin: Very light purple

Other: Antlers with a leaf on tip, tail


Alignment: none

Goals/Purpose: She wants to be a star like Mettaton, but is stuck either in Sans and Papy's house or Alphys's lab.

Job: Waters Flowey (lel)

Items: Lemon Cupcake


Backstory: Being the soul of Perseverance, it persevered a little longer before moving out of the underground. Once it did, Alphys was already wondering where it was, since it hadn't been with the other souls. After a long time of waiting, she actually witnessed the soul come out of the dark hole in the ground. Alphys thought of something before that, and decided to go for it, despite even knowing what the responsibility and risks it would take to actually accomplish this. She ended up taking the soul to her underground lab. She then gathered up five monster souls (don't ask how), and fused them together. It created some sort of substance. Alphys went to her last resort. With the last bit of determination she had, it was injected into the substance. After some incubation in a small chamber, a body sprung up from the substance. Alphys was stunned by her creation, and fangirled since she believed her life was now an anime. She decided to name the creature, which was a female, Tsunomonashi, which was a combination of multiple Japanese words. However, she couldn't take care of her, because she couldn't raise a child in a secluded and abandoned lab, or show her to Undyne, since she'd go and tell Asgore, who would probably tell Toriel, who would go BALLISTIC. So, Alphys had to ask for help from an old friend. She asked Sans. He declined immediately, saying that it was WAY too much work for him to handle, and Papyrus would spill the beans in a heartbeat. However, they didn't notice that Papyrus was in the same room as them. So, they were forced to take care of her. 
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Thanks i used it! 

Name: Empiath UL

Nickname(s): None

Gender: Female

Age: Around 5-16

Species/What Are They: 2 Human souls fused into a robotic body

Soul (Color): Spring Green

Sexuality: Biromantic


Atc: 8

Def: 40

Exp: 0

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Her Claw like hands

Weapons: In self defense her hands automatically turn sharper

Fighting Style: Swift


Friends With: Dr.Alphys, Mettaton, Papyrus

Neutral With: Frisk, Toriel, Sans 

Enemies With: No one really...

Family: Dr.Alphys and Mettaton

Crush(es): I don't really like anyone like that..

Single, Taken: Single


Personality Towards Humans: Quiet,Friendly,Polite,Nice,Helpful 

Personality Towards Strangers: Quiet,Nervous,Alerted,Self Aware

Personality Towards Friends: Loud,Happy,Weird,Crazy,Loving

Strengths: Loves to help people and when she sees someone sad she feels what they're feeling and try's to help them as best as she can.

Weaknesses: When shes being ignored Or no one can hear her She gets shy since she cannot be heard.

Flaws: When things get to loud she try's to sneak away to a more quiet place.

Likes: Quiet areas, Spring, Night, Ponds, Cherry Trees, Small areas, Drawing out her feelings. 

Dislikes: Loud Areas, Summer,Overly Obnoxious people.

Fears: Crowds, Heights, Crashing her chest


Eye Color: Baby Blue

Clothes: Black Skinny Jeans (Mettatons Choice..), When she does she prefers to wear tank tops if its hot out.

Hair: Dark Blue

Skin: Metal???

Other: Her Chest is a Glass container filled with a special type of juice to make sure the soul doesn't break and disintegrate. 


Goals/Purpose: She Wants to help everyone and show them that their is hope to end the war between monsters and humans

Job: She records mettaton's shows and helps edit them afterwords 

Items: A Puppy?


Backstory: Once frisk Broke the barrier with the 6 human souls they disappeared, Though two of the souls Kindness and Patience stayed they almost shattered, she picked them up and they trembled in her hands as she ran to Asgore and Dr.Alphys wondering if they could do anything, Asgore looked at Alphys as she carefully and delicately put them in the seals that Asgore had them trapped in, She went to her lab and called Mettaton since she had fixed him, She asked him to help her give her items, She had already made another body in case the design she made Mettaton wouldn't work, She looked at the two souls as they were on their last trial almost breaking, she looked at the determination and got an idea, She grabbed the determination she had left and mixed it with a elixir she had made the day before and poured it into the glass container of the chest, before she put the souls in she injected Soul Kindness with it, she saw the soul Beat fast as if it were going to splat or crack into pieces but lucky enough they slowly started to stop and stabilize, to her surprise Kindness slowly moved closer to Patience and She saw the two souls mix, It made an odd color, and to her Later research the new soul that they had made was Empathy, Mettaton was excited to see what new friend that the soul would make them into, Alphys was nervous on what the soul would do when it was inside the water of the elixir, she turned back to the soul and saw it melting, she grabbed it and put it into the elixir grabbing the what soul it dropped when it was melting and putting it into the glass, she saw the new made soul sink into the elixir and the other parts with it, it seemed to have been gone but it looked like it was still alive, she slowly closed the glass top and made it so the elixir flowed through the body as if a human one, That was the day. Empiath was born.…
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Name: lizure the skeleton

Nickname(s): liza, cakey

Gender: female

Age: in monster 190, in human 19.

Species/What Are They: skeleton ghost

Soul (Color): upside down integrity

Sexuality: bisexual


Atc: 50 (normal)
       100 (genocide)
Def: 60 (normal and genocide)

Exp: 0

LV: 0

Powers/Attacks: pyro attacks (ie. fire balls), bone attacks (it can link with the pyro attacks), ghoster blasters (blasters that shoot beams and send out her ghosts), ghosts.

Weapons: her magic and she has a knife on her

Fighting Style: forcing her opponents into situations where their at almost low enough health and no more food.


Friends With: ace, B, bonnie, sans, papyrus, asgore, gaster, alphys, grillby,

Neutral With: undyne, sans sometimes

Enemies With: the human (geno), undyne (when she wants to fight her)

Family: grillby (her adoptive father)

Crush(es): ace >//////<

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): single pringle (ask putt125 what that is XD)


Personality Towards Humans: uneasy  and untrusting

Personality Towards Strangers: awkward af

Personality Towards Friends: cheerful happy and hyped

Strengths: trusting to tell about anything, great fighter for her friends

Weaknesses: she is going through depression

Flaws: way to trusting it can be sometimes used against her

Likes: nice cream, sweets, fries, noodles, CAKE!!!

Dislikes: bullies, being teased, called names

Fears: the dark (ironically since her hair is literal fire), looking stupid infront of her crush


Eye Color: cyan-ish blue

Clothes: a sweater that has blue and green stripes (shes not a child she just likes stripes >_<), pants that say #LAZY, and some brown boots that have stripes the color of the rainbow

Hair: short blue and baby blue fire hair

Skin: none

Other: messy


Alignment: pacifist

Goals/Purpose: wants to help her dad and to help anyone around her

Job: royal guard (surprisingly)

Items: a purple heart thats right infront of her real soul (its a crystal)


Backstory: grillby was just cleaning up after a rough day until he heard crying, he looked outside his door to see a baby skeleton in a basket, so he treated her like one of his own. to that day lizure has worked at grillbys and trained to be a successful royal guard.
elliotcamel Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist Writer


Name: Stayde

Nickname(s): Staydey, Stayde the Avenger

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Species/What Are They: Humanoid Tree Monster

Soul (Color): Upside Down Aqua

Sexuality: Bisexual


HP: 1000 (Normal)
       3500 (Genocide)

Atk: 40 (Normal)
        80 (Genocide)

Def: 50 (Normal)
        100 (Genocide)

Exp: 12

LV: 3

Powers/Attacks: Vines, Determination Attacks, (decreases max HP) Patience Tree Attack, (tree turns blue then white then bursts), Slashes

Weapons: Axe, Vine spike

Fighting Style: Forces enemies into difficult situations; Violently slashes at soul

Battle theme: Undertale - Asgorelovania


Friends With: Undyne, Papyrus, The Human, Alphys, Gerson, Asgore

Neutral With: Almost everyone

Enemies With: Flowey, Mettaton, The Human (Genocide)

Family: Asgore (Adoptive Father)
              W.D. Gaster (Creator)

Crush(es): Fuku Fire

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Uneasy, then friendly

Personality Towards Strangers: Awkward

Personality Towards Friends: Funny, Cheerful

Strengths: Has patience with basically everybody, Doesn't give up easily

Weaknesses: Emotionally weak, Overly angry when patience is lost

Flaws: Is way too untrusting

Likes: Friends, Nice Cream, Talking to others, Humans, Plant Monsters

Dislikes: Monster Dust, Celebrities

Fears: Losing everything he cares for, Fire (ironically)


Eye Color: Black with aqua pupils

Clothes: Black slacks, Gray sneakers, Orange T-shirt, Unzipped Tracksuit Jacket

Hair: Green, considering his hair is made of pine needles

Skin: Wood

Other: Disorganized


Alignment: Neutral

Goals/Purpose: Wants to help free monsters

Job: Sentry, Lab assistant

Items: Axe, Silver Necklace


Backstory: Before Gaster was spread across space and time, he made a monster with energy from the Patience soul and a monster soul. After successfully binding the two, he waited as the monster grew. The monster was obviously Stayde. Stayde was dangerous with his SOUL power, as he could slow time, and Gaster deserted him. He wandered around, homeless and alone. Eventually he was found and adopted by Asgore, who raised him into adulthood. He left his adoptive father and set out to be a sentry. During this time he met Undyne, Papyrus, and Sans. Through Undyne he met Alphys and Gerson. Flowey had tormented his friends before, and he began to hate the flower. The human falls, and he is skeptical about them being nice. He fights them until befriended and guides them to Snowdin.

Genocide beginning: I knew you were insane.. that smile, those snake eyes, the red glow of your knife. To think we could be friends. to imagine our great times together. to think I was scared we couldn't be friends. *takes helmet off* I M  N O T  A F R A I D  A N Y M O R E

Pacifist ending: *falls on knees* why?- why wont you... just... *sits down* I just don't understand... I... guess you wanted a friend? I don't want to do this anymore... *is forgiven* r-really? you, would want to be friends even after I almost killed you?? thank you... thank you so much. oh, its time for you to leave. don't worry. I'll see you in a while. don't forget to call me whenever you like! I'll see ya around, new "friend"

Name: Metattack

Nickname(s): Meta

Gender: Male

Age: about 12

Species/What Are They: Mettaton: a KILLER ro- me: STOP IT METTATON. PLEASE. Mettaton: ok, darling~ *poses out of the room*

Soul (Color): orange outside, (red middle in genocide,) and blue inside

Sexuality: straight


Pacifist battle art:… [made by me]

Genocide battle art:… [also made by me]

Genocide theme: Boss 2 Aaron's Remix (speed it up to 1.25)

Pacifist theme: Boss 3 Aaron's Remix (speed it up to 1.25 as well)

Atk: 5 pacifist, 20 genocide

Def: YES (I'll explain later)

Exp: 0

LV: 3

Powers/Attacks: orbs (used in MULTIPLE ways), slice the battle box, shoots cannons of light, and turns your soul orange.
(which is reverse mechanics. move on blue and stuff.)

Weapons: blade arm

Fighting Style: doesn't care about getting hit, which again will explain,  and will sometimes hit your weapon back if you take too many turns to attack.


Friends With: frisk, sans, paps, undyne, mettaton, monster kid, asgore, tEmMiE, and flowey (likes how violent flowey is. they fight all the time. meta outta boredom and flowey just cause he's an asshole.)

Neutral With: mostly everyone except for jerry and the enemy down there. (FUCK YOU JERRY)

Enemies With: Chara.

Family: Blooky (they're related. [the whole ghost thing])

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): single


Personality Towards Humans: used to hate them. now they're fine around humans.

Personality Towards Strangers: wary...

Personality Towards Friends: jokey, friendly

Strengths: has a scanner to identify your every trait, and has a metal and magic body (fused with the core) that is almost unbreakable
(sounds like a mary su- me:shut the fuck up)

Weaknesses: has a glass case around the weak point (soul) which breaks half as hard to break than their exterior.

Flaws: run out of charge over a 12 hour time period. (basically the weaknesses are flaws)

Likes: mostly everything but the dislikes

Dislikes: Mary Sues, Hellen (yes I went there), jerry (FUCK YOU JERRY), running out of charge, and being bossed around

Fears: The void, and serious sans


Eye Color: blue pupils, red on the rest

Other: made of metal, has lines sending energy around the body, wears a helmet, and has body parts (such as torso and arms) separated.


Alignment: either route. just does what they want

Goals/Purpose: (genocide) tries to kill you as fast as they can. (pacifist) just wants you to hit the fight button once. (don't)

Job: Royal Guard


Backstory: Metattack was a scrapped version of Mettaton. Alphys realized that he didn't have the best design for the crowd, and that they had a very, VERY lethal combat mode installed by accident. after finally getting hold of meta, Alphys threw them in the core. meta gained charge from the electricity created there. they then trained knight knight, madjick, final froggit, whimsalott(whatever its called), and astigmatism. they trained themselves as well. after finally gaining enough strength, he got all of the monsters with him, out of the core. he then found what the royal guard was and decided to join. they then became a royal guard sent to patrol the core for any humans. END
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Name: Aethel Yventia




Species/What Are They: Human

Soul (Color): Black with Teal borders - Attribute of Karma

Sexuality: Doesn't like dating


Atk: Pacifist=1 Genocide=150

Def: Pacifist=1 Genocide=150

Exp: 9999999999999999

LV: 50

Powers/Attacks: Can learn weapon skills quickly and can copy powers of anyone he has killed, also has a little bit of magic power in Genocide Route, Teleportation

Weapons: Knife

Fighting Style: Teleports away from attacks and tricks opponent to sneak in hits, was trained by Sans and Undyne


Friends With: Sans Undyne Chara Nova

Neutral With: Papyrus Frisk Asriel

Enemies With: Flowey

Family: None


Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Friendly

Personality Towards Strangers: Cautious

Personality Towards Friends: Jokes around

Strengths: Has strong attacks and powers gets 150 DEF & ATK in Genocide

Weaknesses: Lazy and only increases stats if he knows he will have to put forth effort

Flaws: Gets tired fast

Likes: Sleeping Ketchup and Jokes

Dislikes: Working Mayo and Death

Fears: Being killed


Eye Color: Teal

Clothes: Dark teal hoodie, Black Sneakers, Black Shorts

Hair: Messy Bright Red Hair

Skin: Very pale

Other: Can make dark red goop come out of eyes and mouth that looks like blood


Alignment: Neutral Route and helps his friends

Goals/Purpose: Protect friends and if he survives a genocide route than he protects other universes

Job: None

Items: Real Knife


Backstory: Once a upon a time monsters and humans lived together in peace, but then a war broke out, many years later the humans won and sealed the monsters underground and Yvel helped trap them but over time felt sorry for the monsters so he went to the mountain to try and break the barrier but fell, he befriended some of the monsters but some still don't like him.
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oh boy. i like the idea but please make it less related to sans. also, you NEED to lower stats. 150 attack means 1 hit KO. and the defense is basically indestructable skin. (otherwise the oc is GREAT!)
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I edited it, is it better?
WhiteWonder101 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
its still better. I don't want you to think I want you to change it, but I would just have to say, make the attack go at least lower that 80. because 150 is more than all your health. so, yeah. defense if fine for me (also its fine if they have that amount of attack with the locket. then it makes sense.
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Here is a link to the edited version I forgot to post it here…
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Quotes: "I feel the evil in your heart... deep-rooted in your SOUL, it weights you down" "How much does your sins weight? Because you're looking heavy *laughs*" "How can you see the good in everyone? I don't get it... I can only feel their darkness"


Name: Bianca


Nickname(s): The REAL 8th Human


Gender: Female


Age: 13


Species/What Are They: Human


Soul (Color): Black Borders, Magenta, Red Core


Sexuality: Bisexual




Atk: Neutral or Pacifist= 50; Genocide = 120


Def: Neutral or Pacifist = 50; Genocide = 120


EXP: 99999


LV: 20


Powers/Attacks: Reverts Damage/Heal attacks when heart glows Magenta, Regular Damage/Heal when heart glows Black / Shoots White and Green Spikes


Weapons: Rusty Ice-pick


Fighting Style: Turns Soul Yellow locked in a spot being able to rotate like Green Soul


Battle Theme: Nightcore – God Syndrome…




Friends With: Papyrus (Erased his memories of her), Napstablook


Neutral With: Everyone else


Enemies With: Chara, Flowey(Dark Asriel)


Family: Dead


Crush(es): Frisk


Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single



General Personality: Unstable, shifts between violent and loving, childish (loves to play), Believes she is always right, Hopeless, Dual, Determined


Personality towards Humans: Anger towards humanity, recognizes there are good humans and bad humans.


Personality towards Strangers: Doesn’t trust them.


Personality towards Friends: Relaxes with them.


Pacifist, Neutral or Genocide:

If the Player goes Pacifist; she becomes infatuated with Frisk, slowly seeing the good in everyone like they do.
If the Player goes Neutral, they kill those who’ve done evil deeds.
If the Player goes Genocide, she hunts Chara down, destroying Chara and giving the Player the choice of joining her in her goal to cleanse the timelines.


Strengths: Stealth, Spatial/Mental Manipulation


Weaknesses: Unstable Mind, Power weakens after use for a day


Flaws: Blinded by Vengeance


Likes: Murdering Evil


Dislikes: False people


Fears: The Void




Eye Color: Magenta


Clothes: Black ruffled dress


Hair: Black in waves with two pigtails


Skin: Alabaster


Other: Her appearance is ethereal, her transparency varies on her determination, the more determined, the more she is corporeal, the less determined, the more she fades.




Alignment: Misguided, Dark (Filled with anger)


Goals/Purpose: Eliminating evil souls


Job: Judge/Jury/Executioner


Items: Rusty Ice-pick, Lolita Dress


Backstory: Being raised in an abusive household, her heart grew more and more desperate for love and a family.

Eventually snapping from the constant abuse, she grabbed an ice-pick from the kitchen and brutally murdered her family, escaping into the night with no destination in mind in an attempt to fade away.

Her feet eventually led her to Mount Ebott, where she fell into the abyss, discovering her own powers, she befriended many monsters… until THEM!!...

After THEM, she erased herself from the memories of everyone else except Napstablook, whom she couldn’t alter the memories of.

After seeing the evil in the hearts of others, she began executing those that showed evil, slowly gaining more EXP and LV… her goal… eliminating evil.

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_*~ P R O F I L E ~*_


_* "..."_

_* "...You're like a waterfall."_






_Water Dog Monster_

*Soul Colour:*
_White with a tint of turquoise._

_Asexual, though she could possibly be heterosexual._


_Her Attack is boosted to 65 during the Genocide route._

_Her Defense is boosted to 60 during the Genocide route._

_Her HP is boosted to 100 during the Genocide route._

_She has killed no other monsters or Humans so she has gained no Exp._

_Once again, she has killed no other monsters or Humans so she has gained no Exp to go up a LV._

_Her only ability is water manipulation, but Pelagia isn't a master at it. She only reveals her water manipulation ability to it's highest power when provoked during the Genocide route. Her first normal attack is her sending small waves to attack her opponent while her second normal attack is her making the water around her rise up and then harshly rain on her opponent._


*Fighting Style:*
_Turquoise attacks. She makes her opponent's Soul turn turquoise, causing them to be weaker against water._

*Battle Theme:*
_SharaX - It's Raining Somewhere Else (Remix)_


*Friends With:*
_Nobody currently_

*Neutral With:*
_Mostly everyone, especially other monsters, unless someone shows their self as an enemy or someone not to be trusted._

*Enemies With:*
_Nobody currently_

_Though it's only speculation, it is thought that she is possibly related to the other dog monsters of the Underground._

_None. She hasn't felt attraction towards anyone._

*Single, Taken, Or Talking:*


*General Personality:*
_Pelagia's personality is not completely known since she really doesn't speak to anybody. Despite that, however, she seems to be introverted, quite defensive and a bit fun-loving when alone. She is far from being mean or rude since, on the rare occasion she talks, she never says anything hurtful and instead chooses to be kind. She seems to be extremely shy to the point that she has a hard time talking to others._

*Personality Towards Humans:*
_She is more silent and tense. She is less trusting than she is with other monsters. If a Human is near her, she avoids doing anything that could put herself in a situation where she could be easily killed off._

*Personality Towards Strangers:*
_The same as how she is towards Humans. It'd be easier for her to warm up to another monster than it would be with a Human since monsters aren't exactly trusting towards Humans._

*Personality Towards Friends:*
_She is still rather quiet but she tries to talk more than usual. She is happier and the fun-loving side of her shines through. She seems brighter both emotionally and physically, and she tries to give plenty of compliments._

*Pacifist, Neutral or Genocide?*
_She is definitely a Pacifist._

_•Her water manipulation ability_
_•Her water attacks against monsters or Humans that are made of fire_
_•Her water attacks against monsters or Humans that possess fire powers_
_•Wet or damp areas_
_•Chilly areas_
_•Bodies of water_

_•Extremely hot areas_
_•Closed in spaces_
_•Intense heat_
_•Stronger enemies_

_•The fact that she's an introvert_
_•Her difficulty when it comes to talking to others_
_•Her shyness_
_•Her inability to properly express her feelings_

_•Playing in puddles_
_•Keeping warm_
_•Hot cocoa_
_•Being alone most of the time_

_•Large crowds_
_•Talking too much_
_•Hurtful words_
_•Seeing others upset_
_•Intimidating things_

_She fears death and losing the ones who could become close to her. She also fears talking in front of crowds or audiences of any size. Finally, she fears causing pain or demise to someone innocent._


_She has black pupils and light blue irises._

_She always wears a magenta winter coat over a pink t-shirt, black leggings under a pink skirt that is a lighter pink than her shirt, and brown winter boots. She is never seen not wearing her red winter scarf. She also wears blue earmuffs._

_She doesn't have human hair, but she does have fluffy white fur covering her body._

_She has pink-white skin under her fur._

_Pelagia bears strong resemblance to the other dogs you meet in the Underground, hinting to the possibility of Pelagia being related to one or more of the dog monsters. She's rather short, standing at only a little over 5 feet, and she is approximately 90 lbs when it comes to her weight. She has two pointed dog ears on the top of her head and a dog tail._


_Though she isn't adamant about it, she wishes to see the outside world._


_•Thick Scarf - 3 Def_
_•Winter Coat - 7 Def_

*Pacifist Route:*
_If Pelagia was a canon character, during the Pacifist route she would be found in Waterfall, though there is a rare chance you'll find her in Grillby's in Snowdin Town instead. The fight with her would only be able to happen if you find her in Waterfall. During the fight she would be totally silent, but after showing her mercy through the fight and winning that way, Pelagia would appear happy and would compare you to a waterfall, that supposedly being a compliment from her._

*Neutral Route:*
_During the Neutral route, depending on what you've done during the route so far, Pelagia would either act the same as in the Pacifist route or would stay silent. If you decided to kill a few monsters before meeting her, after battling her and if you choose to spare her until you win, she won't compliment you and will instead stay silent, her expression not changing._

*Genocide Route:*
_During the Genocide route, Pelagia would be onto you from the start. As soon as you meet her she'd be silent and seemingly tense. When you battle her in Waterfall she goes all out while still keeping totally silent, using her only ability at it's highest against you in hopes of stopping your killing spree._


_Pelagia, having not talked about her past or her backstory very much or even at all, is mostly a mystery. No one really bothers to get to know her or find out things about her. All that is really known is that Pelagia is a resident of Snowdin Town who, along with all other monsters, was banished to the Underground by the Humans._

_The origin of Pelagia's ability of water manipulation is also an unanswered question. The most common explanation, however, is that she spent so much time around water that she eventually learned how to control it in an unnatural way._

_Pelagia, for the most part, is just another monster in the Underground._

_*(Credit for the template goes to HarmonyParty on DeviantArt!)*_
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Name: Wick


Nickname(s): Candlewaxer


Gender: Male


Age: 25


Species/What Are They: Person made of candle wax


Soul (Color): Monster, so white soul


Sexuality: Hetrosexual



HP: 270


Atk: 24








Powers/Attacks: Orange attacks; candlesticks that melt


Weapons: Candlewax


Fighting Style: Orange attacks




Friends With: Froggit, Grillby(kinda), Papyrus


Neutral With:Sans, Shyren, Toriel, Asgore


Enemies With: Flowey, only when he got bored and killed


Family: None, only mom but mom died


Crush(es): None


Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who):Single




Personality Towards Humans: Thinks of them as scum that sealed the monsters in the underground, same point as undyne


Personality Towards Strangers: Helpful but reluctant to help them more than he needs to


Personality Towards Friends: Nice but short tempered


Strengths: Independent, Keeps up with his partners who are obviously superior


Weaknesses: Shy, Doesn't like meeting new people but will if he has to


Flaws: has been traumatized ever since his parents were murdered by the yellow soul, this explains his disgust for humans


Likes: Fire(mostly due to the warmth)


Dislikes:Liquid and slimy substances. Fedoras


Fears: Knows that he is weak and can never contribute to the royal guard




Eye Color: Doesn't have any, only eye holes


Clothes: Tuxedo and a top hat with a white band it


Hair: Doesn't have any


Skin: Candlewax






Alignment: For the monsters freedom


Goals/Purpose:To break out from the underground


Job: Makes Candles in hotland out of his own regenerating candle wax body


Items:Top hat - 4 Def

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Name: Luna Moonlight (sorry if it gets annoying, I just rlly like the name Luna)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Species/What Are They: Half Human and half bat

Soul (Color): purple

Sexuality: Straight


Atc: 3

Def: 2

Exp: 0

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Biting her victims with her sharp teeth that sticks out.


Friends With: No one

Neutral With: Monsters and Humans

Enemies With: People who bully her

Family: N/A

Crush(es): Outertale Sans

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: okay but sad or mad if she is bully by them

Personality Towards Strangers: shy

Personality Towards Friends: Good, if she had any

Strengths: Not being bullied and being helped

Weaknesses: Being Bullied

Likes: Good people, helpful monsters, helpful humans

Dislikes: bully's, non-helpful humans and non-helpful monsters

Fears: being killed by a bully one day and no one caring about her death


Eye Color: Blood Red (originally was blue but because of the bat DNA, she has blood red eyes now)

Clothes: White shirt with a purple hoodie with white stripes on it, black pants, purple shoes with white stripes

Hair: Brown

Skin: tan

Other: Bat wings, sharp bat teeth that sticks out


Goals/Purpose: To be happy

Job: N/A

Items: A knife, food, drinks, and extra clothes


Backstory: Luna use to be in a school but she moved because she got bullied a lot and she had no friends in her old school. This new school she was going to was a school for monsters and humans, then she came to a lot of humans and monsters, one human push her on the ground and everyone started laughing until one monster, a skeleton, he helped her up and said his name was Sans, Sans the skeleton and she said her name was Luna, Luna Moonlight, she was shy at first because rarely anyone helps her, then he asked "Need any help?" she shook her end no but Sans helped her anyway and when they got the last book, Luna's hands were on top of Sans's hands, Sans blushed a bit and Luna blushed a bit but then Luna took her hands anyway and put her book in her bag. Then Sans said "What's your next class?" She reply "I th-think math..", Sans said "Me too, Can we walk there together?..", she nodded and they walked to class and went inside, then Luna was greeted to her teacher "Hello Luna, I'm Mrs. Gray. Your seat is right here.", as she sat down, she notice that Sans was in the seat next to her, she smiled and blush a bit. When school was over, Luna was on her way to her Cave, as she was walking, her bully came and she pushed her on the ground and said "Come on get up!" Luna got up but she pushed her on the ground again, "Come on get up!!.." Luna stay on the ground. "Ugh! Your such a whoosh!.." Luna tries to get up in pain, then she hears some footsteps and yelling her name, and she noticed it was Sans and he said "Are you ok?.." she nodded and Sans helped her up. She blushed a bit. "Can I take you home?" Sans said, She nodded and then Luna snapped, She had no home she lives in a cave and if Sans found out she lives in a cave, he wouldn't like her and call her gross, just like everyone else. "Hey you wanna live with me and Paps?.." Sans said, "S-Sure.." Luna said. "Great!. I've gotta go and tell paps your moving with us!." Sans said happily blushing a bit. Luna flew to her cave and grabbed her stuff, and she started singing. When she finished singed, she heard clapping, and she turned around and saw Sans. "Wow! I never knew you were a amazing singer." Sans said surprised. Luna blushed. "Well what are you doing here?.." Sans said. "I live here, but since you said I can live with you. I'm just gonna get my stuff and then I'll get to you and your brother's house." She said. "Okay!!.." Sans said. "Wanna me to walked you there, since you don't know where I live.." Sans said and she nodded. Luna and Sans walked together to his brother's and his house. After awhile of walking, Luna and Sans finally made it to the house. "Hey, come to my room and you can sleep with me!.." Sans said, Luna nodded and blushed a bit. She put her stuff in Sans room and then when she and Sans sat on his bed together, Sans kissed her on the lips. Luna blushed a lot then she grew into the kissed, while they were kissing, they fell asleep.
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Name: Mia

Nickname(s): Fit (dont ask)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species/What Are They: Wizard(aka magic hooman)

Soul (Color): A mix of green and light blue

Sexuality: STRAIGHT


Atc: 0000000000000.2

Def: 3 

Exp: 0.1 (she killed a fly once)

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Slappy Slap, Into The Box, Space Magic, Popcorn Throw

Weapons: Her hand, some popcorn, and her wits

Fighting Style: ALL OUT WAR


Friends With: Her friends (not gonna tell who), Some Monsters

Neutral With: Some Monsters

Enemies With: Some Monsters (MUFFET)

Family: Doritos and her friends


Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who):SINGLE


Personality Towards Humans: Friand with dem hoomanz

Personality Towards Strangers: UNLESS U HAVE POPCORN U DED

Personality Towards Friends: SUP BRO

Strengths: dem skillz

Weaknesses: not tat much of dem skillz

Flaws: very very very impatient 

Likes: Popcorn, doritos, DR pepper, YT, did i mention popcorn?

Dislikes: veggies,no internet, bugs



Eye Color: Hazel

Clothes: Pastel starburst top with gray jacket, pink jeans and black shoes

Hair:black ponytail

Skin:white human skin



Alignment: doritoz

Goals/Purpose: NIEN

Job: sells popcorn

Items: Dat knifu (in geno), popcorn


Backstory: She was banished with her friends to the underground because they littered, they somehow ended up in snowdin, Friends made  small house, she made a much better house with wifi, they live they and always go over to the skelebros house.

goldenwalle Featured By Owner Edited Mar 10, 2017  Student General Artist


Name:Justin H-B (the guardian of timelines and AUs or the Angel of the purgatory in first genocide fight)

Nickname(s):he doesn't have any



Species/What Are They: god/halfbreed (half human,half monster. More explanation in the backstory)

Soul (Color):red outside yellow upside down inside(signifie immortality)



Atk:infinite(look why in the backstory)

Def:infinite(look why in the backstory)

Exp: Infinite(look why in the backstory)

LV:infinite(look why in the backstory)

Powers/Attacks:town buster,spike ground, spike attack, crimson beam, destroyer,

psychokinesis, twist or distortion, cloning (can multiplie item or soul), soul breaker and control time and space (can teleport to other timelines or AUs)

Weapons:the crimson rod and the purifier ( the knife in the first genocide fight)

Fighting Style: all style (can copy all the fight style)


Friends With:every monster in the underground

Neutral With:humans

Enemies With: old enemy: arial(in hate mod, when she control spygn in the true genocide), dead enemy: the society of the two village.

Family:spygn H-B (brother), arial dreemurr(not asriel, adopted sibling), asriel,sans and papyrus(cousins),

asgore and W.D gaster(uncles, gaster is more a Friend of Sebastian and like a brother of him), sebastian "crimson" B (father),claude crimson B(grandfather), toriel(aunt)

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): taken(couple) by muffet (in her web XD)


Personality Towards genocidal:the genocidal Can become dimensional error if he not kill them. he fought them (fiercely if his brother was killed by them)

Personality Towards dimensional error:fight them for the protection of the whole dimension.

Personality Towards Friends: friendly



Flaws: Justin:what is a flaw?

Likes: have fun with his Friends

Dislikes: ?

Fears: the death of his family in his nightmare


Eye Color: blue (green or white when glow)

Clothes: striped sweater, blue jacket, blue goggles and Gray joggings.

Hair:light brown

Skin: pale

Other: right arm crave of symmetric star Line.



Goals/Purpose: not important

Job: protect the main dimension

Items: crimson rod, amulet of immortality, the picture and the copied Soul.


Backstory:79 years before the war, a young man named Claude Bergeron was in the forest of ebott mount. He walked far in the forest when he found someone who look wounded. He go see him for help him and when he came for lift him the young noticed that he helping a old Monster who was attacked by the humans. He said his name was crimson. And he was search a pure being for help the underground. He give his power to Claude and a spell of immortality because he cannot do on itself. Now Claude got the power of crimson. He go in the underground because the reason for stay in the forest was because he orphan since a year. He was welcome by the Monster of the ruins who send him to the king after say he was the one chosen by crimson. In the dreemurr castle he met the king Soleo Dreemurr ( the grandfather of Asgore) and his two children: the prince Terriak,the prince asgore and the princess Phoenix. Claude fall in love with Phoenix and after 1 year he married her with the benedictions of Soleo. She give birth to a boy named Sebastian 2 years later. 45 years before the war when Sebastian was 10 years old, Claude train him for he can use his power for the good. 10 years later Sebastian quit the underground with an amulet make and gave by his father. This amulet have the same spell of immortality that crimson use. He go live in a village call the first village (because since Claude leave the surface his village met two other near of). He live in a house with a basement he build for his medical help. His job was to use his power for heal sick or wounded people. Three years later he met a girl of his age named Karine and a few weeks later they lived together in his house. They got married one years later and they adopted the girl of Asgore named Arial for her own protection. One years after the war between humans and monster, she give birth to her first child named Justin. Two years after, his brother Spygn born. When he was 5 years old, Justin was trained with Arial by his father Sebastian. He learn the fire Magic when he was 5 years old, making simple potion at his 6 years, advanced Magic and advanced potions after the death of Arial by the humans of the second village (7-8 years old), use the power of his right arm stars mark at 9 years old, healing magic at 10-11 years, psychokinesis power at 12- 13 years old and Magic attacks at 14-since his 15 birthday. Two day after his birthday, he was walking with his brother and his father when the town alarm rang and we saw the second village came near for kill Sebastian ( because the second village had a virus cause by the war but not the first because of Sebastian and his healing magic). He use a Magic Shield for protection them but they was behind too they kill Spygn with the arrows. Sebastian implanted the amulet in Justin before his birthday so he wasn't immortal anymore. He could hold anymore so he died too. The warrior know that Justin Can heal too so they shoot him but he did not take any damages so he run to his house. When he arrived, the house was destruct the last here was his mother, his other brother and his little sister in the ruins of the house his good him to her out of here before it will be too late. He take his underground crystal his father gave him when he born. Full of rage,  he run where the army was and say them why they kill all the family. They said that supposed to be all his family. Justin take that as a lie he ask where the leader of the army was he show himself. Justin began to float in the air his eye was flashing white. He grab the leader with his magic and make him collapse everything he could see and for his last strike he make appear spike out of the ground and before kill him, he make see the entire destruction of the second village. Justin make appear a sphere of energy and throw it directly in his village when the sphere tough the ground, a large dome of light appear and after nothing. Nothing left in the village, not even a single house. Justin said that what happen for made the mistake of mess with family and he take out the soul of the leader and absorb it. He gain 50 lv. he was more powerful now so make appear 4 weird giant skull, make them a powerful beam and kill the entire army after he taking their soul. This time he noticed he absorbed the entire village souls, he gain 10000 lv. The third village army appear. He know the second call them for help. Justin say: do you really want the same destiny than them when he show the previous army and he ask the leader again. The leader show himself. This time Justin show the destruction of his village he make appear a sphere of energy one more time for throw it the direction of the third village and he take the whole army and throw it in the sphere and they all die with their village. He take all the souls and gain his Infinite lv and Infinite exp. Justin dosen’t know who trust anymore. He say to his village the one who will die tonight will the ones i don’t  this ones will not be able to quit the other have the chance of survive. After he throw  multiple sphere in random place. He run in the forest after this. He noticed some chase him he to mt Ebott. He say to the guy he not gonna kill him if he not make the mistake. The guy throw a knife. Justin get hit and fell unconscious in the same time tear the throat of the guy with a spike. When he wake up he was in his uncle's house (uncle Asgore, new home). He was in asriel and chara’s room. He stay a while with the family. Someone told him he had the power of 7 human soul (enough for breaking the barrier). After the death of chara and asriel, he knew that Asgore will use him for last resort plan. So he left the underground to go back to the surface. He go back sometime especially when a kid fall. One day, Frisk fell. Justin help them until the end. and after a lot of reset, he was still remember. in the first genocide he see, he fought them in a fierce fight. After the fight he reset. Chara get the help of Arial in the second fight. They win this time. But when Chara was to erase the world, Arial block the whole attack. She fight chara and kill them. After this, Justin fight Arial (who control his brother Spygn). He free his brother and repair the underground. Now they live with the monsters.


Name: Timmy

Nickname(s): Nim

Gender: Female

Age: IDK how long spiders live, in her angsty teen phase

Species/What Are They: A spider (Not muffet, just a normal spider) (An orchard spider, that's right, I did my research)

Soul (Color): White, how all monsters SHOULD be (Ehem, mary sues and gary sues)

Sexuality: Spider- sexual, OR PIE-SEXUAL AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's not funny


Atc: 1

Def: Crunchy exoskeleton, mmm tasty

Exp: 0

LV: 1.0000000000000000000000000000001 (She killed a fly once)

Powers/Attacks: Pinchers

Weapons: Hairy legs, beady eyes, general spider-ness, stale bread

Fighting Style: Hoping not to get stepped on


Friends With: Spiders, muffet, Jonathan (Muffet's spidercakething)

Neutral With: Shoes without feet, they make good homes

Enemies With: Spider killers, Lenny the black widow (that guy's a dick)

Family: Lots and lots of spiders

Crush(es): Thinks Peter the orbweaver is pretty cute (he works Muffet's bakery's social media platforms)

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): ^^^^ Waiting for Peter to notice her already


Personality Towards Humans: Likes frisk because they didn't kill their friends/family (wishes they killed Lenny, what a dick)

Personality Towards Strangers: Will give strangers pastries if they pay

Personality Towards Friends: Acts like a dork, if spiders can even be dorks

Strengths: Makes the best goddamn chocolate chip pumpkin bread in the underground  (Wow that OP-ness though!) (If you want a good recipe let me know~)

Weaknesses: Is shy and often ends up falling in the bowl when she makes pastries 

Flaws: Fukin weeaboo spider girl named Timmy, that pretty much sums it up. (AKA fangirl)

Likes: Violent anime (Hates mew mew or whatever), baking, undertale remixes by sharaX (is that breaking the 4th wall? o.O), Vocaloid (Especially Vocacircus)

Dislikes: Lenny and his dumbass girlfriend Sharon (That little bitch and her fucking carrot cakes), ASDF (I honestly don't see how that shit's funny)

Fears: Shoes with feet in them, people who do genocide runs and then think they can do a pacifist run, NO YOU CAN'T, YOU'RE STILL A FUCKING MONSTER! (You stepped on Peter, you bastard)


Eye Color: 5 Black balls (ehe) of squishiness

Clothes: I'll make an exception, she wears a small white bow (ERRRRR I KNOW! TOO SPECIAL! IS SHE GOING TO BE THE SAVIOR OF ALL MONSTERS NOW???)

Hair: Furrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry

Skin: Spider..?

Other: Has a special mutation which has one of her legs split into three at the end (this is literally just so she can flip people off, but still such a fucking Mary Sue)


Alignment: Monsters, pastries

Goals/Purpose: To bake for all monsters and humans and help Muffet open a 

Job: Head baker of the muffin division (OMG WHAT A MARY SPIDER SUE)

Items: Tiny spoon, chocolate chip pumpkin bread


Backstory: Was born from a clutch of eggs with about 1000 other spiders, eventually found a love for baking (And Peter, so dreamy) through MTT's cooking show and being a constant contributor to the SBS (Spider bake sale)

               "Muffet, please notice me, you're so... COOOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!"

Yep. What a fucking Mary Sue, amirite?
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AU: Group Tale parody
Name: Corrupt Locust Carmel
Nickname(s): Corrupt, Carmel
Age+ Gender: 10, male
Species: Fading Human
Soul Color: Neon Yellow/black at top yellow every where else
Attack: (uses Karma) Good: 100 Evil: 50
Defense: (still Karma) Good: 200 Evil: 100
Exp: need 1 more to next lvl
Lvl: 30
Powers: blobs, strings, uses soul gun, steals powers from monsters i killed
Weapons: Gun from Soul, Gauntlets
Fight Style: Magic, minion summoning, head on (in emergency)
REAL LIFE: Friends with: no one i kill them =)
Neutral With: NO ONE
Enemy's with: none (i kill them before i become enemies with them)
Family with: forgot in fall
Crush(es): Blade (a female)
Single, taken, or talking: with Blade
to humans: steal their souls with blob minions, kill them while they're weak
to strangers: steal soul MURDER
to friends: team with them to kill certain people
Strengths: finding monsters that are weak
Weaknesses: some one takes all my souls, angels
Flaws: quick to kill others, doesn't do well against groups
Likes:soul hunting
Dislikes: soul stealers
Fears: Angels
Looks Like:
Eye Color:Yellow / full black
Clothes: Everyday clothes (colors: Bright Yellow with Golden Yellow Stripes {3})that are fading away with rest of self
Hair: brown (look back at clothes)
Skin: pale (clothes)
Other: Yellow Soul charm with black fire fading, Glowing Yellow Gun in pocket
Extra info:
Alignment: To kill all monsters in underground for the 7 other human souls (that ASGORE has)
Goals/Purpose: To kill my seven friends who fell with me
Jobs: muderer
Items: A gun from soul, blob spawner, power stealer, Shiny gun (+30 attack), and fake skin (doubles hp)
Soul Shape: Star
Back story (note: IT'S LONG)

Ok so back in 20XX Carmel, Gio, Blade, R.F.K, Kajen, Joziah, and Rae Rae were all playing near the very dangerous MT. EBBOT, each of the humans had their own intentions that would effect ending up in the UNDERGROUND. For example, Blade was a genocidal maniac and Carmel was a pacifist that had the soul of friendship (gains more power the more friends he has). They all were sitting next to the enterance to the UNDERGROUND. Suddenly Blade's Choclate Bar fell down the hole and she jumped in after it. Feeling worried about Blade Carmel jumped in while taking Kajen and Joziah. Worried about her friends R.F.K jumped too. Then wanting to commit suicide Gio jumped too.(Rae Rae jumped too for no reason) They all landed in the flower patch Except Gio (who unfortunatly lived) who hit the stone. Then when they got to Flowey Carmel was the only one willing to get hit by the pellets. Then almost dieing they all went into they're souls to avoid hitting the outer rim of the Pellet Circle. Then Tori Saved them yada yada yada. Then, when they wanted to leave the ruins, during the Toriel fight Carmel got hit RIGHT IN THE SOUL! Since only being level 1 he got killed instantly. Everyone saw him laying on the ground with the fire around his soul. Horrified everyone stared at his dead body and his shattered soul. Angry Blade pulled out her signature weapon (a real knife) and stabbed tori continuesly. Then watching his body slowly dicinergrating they watched it then walked off. Blade stood for a little longer then dropped a picture of just the two of them. His Good Luck Charm (and hers they both have their own). Then Carmel came back to life. Blade was already gone so he looked into Toriel's room under rennovations. He saw many different soul effects and saw one in particular. CORRUPTION. Their was a sign on top of it saying IN EMERGENCIES ONLY. He opened it and took it. His soul changed. HE changed. Now he can summon a blob (he named CuCu [yes it's like Betty Noire]). Now he had a thirst for revenge not only for his friends not willing to try and save him but for every monster (he's also a murder ghost assasin). He then found Toriel's soul and absorbed it. Then he went out the ruin's doors with all the Ruin's monster's soul's. He realized he can use the powers of the monsters he killed. So using Toriels fire power he commonly burned most of the monsters in the Snowy Begginings and Snowdin but for Grillby he threw him in the ocean in water fall. Having all those souls and Exp he was already lvl. 15. He continued despite how he knew he missed 2 people a.k.a the Skele-Bros. Not far behind the gang he managed to kidnap two of them, Rae Rae and Kajen. He tortured the two so much they eventually died and Carmel took they're souls. Now after killing Undyne and having her spears he went on to Hot land and Swiftly killed Mettaton when he went ahead of the group now with the Mettaton powers and exp he was level 25. Eventually he couldn't find Alphys but found a second Mettaton witch was Blue instead of pink and was a DJ. Carmel ANNHILIATED him. Now with the extra heart locket (he found it in the one of the drawers) he put the picture of him and Blade in it. He realized he was dicinergrating more. So after killing ASGORE and Stealing the only he could find (Justice) he saw that the group shattered the Barrier. Since earlier in Hotland Carmel Assasinated Joziah. The other three realized the three were missing. Then They saw Carmel clapping slowly while walking towards them.Then when Gio saw all the souls he realized what happened so he threw a Spear at him (he's a humanoid robot Undyne and Alphys made that crossed the barrier and thought he was a human so he has Undyne's powers) Carmel grabs the spears changes it Black throws it at Gio. Realizing what's going on in the distance the only surving monsters: Alphys Papyrus and Sans rushed over to save the three. While the spear was heading towards Gio Papyrus jumped in front of Gio screaming "I'LL SAVE YOU TINY HUMAN!!"but stabbed Papyrus's head and Pierced Gios. Seeing what just happened Carmel quickly grabs Papyrus's soul but Sans turns Carmel's soul blue and make's him go the opposite direction from Gio's. Pulling the gun out that he got from Justice soul he shot at Sans. The first bullet missed but Sans realized it was in scatter shot mode so he got shot and died. Quickly Grabbing his soul he shot Alphys while she just watched in horror. Now with all three souls he looked towards Blade R.F.K and Gio's soul. While Blade charged towards him he didn't want to fight but then she tripped and accidently stabbed her head with her knife. Staring at R.F.K she knows what to do. Stealing all Carmel's human souls BUT Justice (which he didn't want to give up the gun) and Friendship corrupted (can't steal the person's born soul). Feeling angry when he realized R.F.K turned into an angel, Carmel turned her soul blue and knew EGG-XACLY how to win easily. He constantly slammed her around making her hp drop all the way to one. Then keeping her still he used Toriel's Fire balls, Papyrus's bones, Undyne's Spears, Mettaton's little robot things, Asgore trident, Nappstablook's tears, Sans's Gaster Blasters, Flowey's Pellets, the gun, CuCu, and his soul charm (original) which worked like a shuriken. using all theses at once he destroyed R.F.K, but she had fake skin so his Charm (which was coming from behind) pierced her soul holder and gave all the souls to him. How ever with Blade's soul he revived her and they fell in love. Now they roam Earth killing Children for they're souls and occasionly checking in the Underground incase there were any monsters left.
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Name: Luna Moonlight

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Species/What Are They: Human

Soul (Color): Green (kindness)

Sexuality: Straight 


Atc: 5 (she rarely attacks though)

Def: 5

Exp: 0

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Mercy

Weapons: Stick, but once again she doesn't want to hurt the monsters, so she doesn't attack with it.

Fighting Style: Shyly


Friends With: She use to have friends in the surface but they won't really her friends, they were pretending to her friends.

Neutral With: UNKNOWN

Enemies With: 

Family: Her family was always busy, so she was just alone, her family did care about her, but they won't with her.

Crush(es): Blueberry Sans (Underswap)

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single (for now)


Personality Towards Humans: She hates humanity because everyone didn't care about her.

Personality Towards Strangers: shy

Personality Towards Friends: She has no friends.

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: People betraying her.

Likes: Hot dogs, bacon, tacos, being alone.

Dislikes: heights, people betraying her.

Fears: Heights, Nightmares.


Eye Color: Blue

Clothes: Light Blue and white dress, cyan pants, blue shoes.

Hair: Brown

Skin: Tan


Items: Stick, Food, Healing Items, an old scarf she had when she was little.


Backstory: Luna use to have friends, until they dare her to jumped down Mt. Ebott, she didn't want to, but her "friend" made her, they grabbed her by the wrist and let go of her in the big hole. Her "Friend" gave her a creepy smile as she was falling, until she hit the ground and darkness fades in. She didn't know where she was, until she realize she was in Mt. Ebott, her Friend betray her, they were no longer friends, after what they done, she felt Anger, disappointed, and sad. She then meant a little Cat name "temmie" she thought temmie was a nice monster, until she tricked her to, she gave Luna a creepy face and laugh and said "iT's kIlLEd 0r bE kIlLEd.." and went away. She thinked that no one cared about her, after she made it past Asgore in the RUINS. She was in a snowy place where she meant the skeleton brothers sans and papyrus. Papyrus was a bit taller, and lazier, as for Sans, he was so cute and great and he wanted to be part of the royal guard. Luna thinked sans was really cute, so she walked up to sans shyly, and asked him "Hey Sa-Sans.." she said as sans replys "YES HU- I MEAN LUNA?.." Sans says. "I w-wanted t-to say th-that your re-really cu-cute..hehe.." Luna said. She then kissed sans on the cheek bone, sans blushes a really dark blue.

Hope people like my oc.. :3 (idc if anyone draws it. :P)
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